Water Works Products

The Val-Matic American-BFV® Butterfly Valve is the valve of choice for shut-off service in water systems.
The American-BFV® line is designed to provide long life, low headloss, and trouble-free performance.

Mechanical Joint Fittings are manufactured from high- strength ductile iron and in accordance with the latest AWWA C153 ANSI A21.53 standards and are rated for 350 psi working water pressure.  A variety of elbows, tees, reducers, crosses, and laterals are available in sizes 2”-60”.  Fittings come with a Standard coating as per AWWA C104 ANSI A21.4.  Optional coatings are available upon request.

Fabricated tapping sleeves are designed to reinforce the pipe and provide an easy installation with maximum safety factors. The 415 provides a separate body and tapping gland. By separating the outlet gland from the sleeve body, the sleeve reinforces the pipe prior to removal of the critical prestress wire from the outlet area. 415 Tapping Sleeves are in accordance with the AWWA M-9 Manual.

Whether you require a pump control panel, tank alarm, constant pressure controls, float switch, or even innovative floatless technology, finding the right solution is easy when you choose from the vast line-up of products from AP Supply and Services. All of our products are certified and tested to handle nearly any application. Plus, all of our products are developed with low life cycle costs in mind. That means robust, durable, and highly efficient products.

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The Ener•G® AWWA Resilient Seated Ball Valve is the preferred selection for surge control and energy savings.

Compression Fittings, Corp. Stops, Ball Valves, Meter Valves, Adapters, Meter Yoke, Couplings, Valves, etc.

Flexible Couplings for non-restrained and restrained connections.  Couplings are designed for use on piping systems from 8" - 144". The coupling can accommodate pressures up to 400 psi.


Wide range bolted flexible coupling for connecting plain-ended pipe with IPS (PVC and Steel) Pipe, AWWA C-900 PVC Pipe...

We are prepared to meet your check valve needs. From potable water to abrasive slurries and even corrosive chemicals!

Iron-body, resilient-seated gate valves with non-rising stems (NRS) and outside screw-and-yoke (OS&Y) rising stems, including tapping gate valves, for water supply service having a temperature range of 33º-125ºF (0.6º- 52ºC). These valves are intended for applications where fluid velocity does not exceed 16 ft/sec when the valve is in a fully open position.

The Cam-Centric® Plug Valve is the solution for systems where slurries, grit, or solids are present. The eccentric plug valve is a ¼ turn valve allowing cost-effective, low torque actuation for pump control, shut-off, and throttling service.

Air Valves perform two important functions in a piping system. They maintain system design efficiency and provide system protection. System efficiency is maintained by venting air via the air valves from the system that can restrict flow and increase pumping costs.

Ductile iron pipe spools are offered in sizes 3”-64” pipe diameter and lengths up to 20’ 0” long.   Flanged joints are typically utilized in above-ground / exposed piping systems for applications in water treatment plants, wastewater plants, pumping and lift stations, and industrial service applications.