Emergency Evacuation Equipment

In the event of fires, natural disasters, attacks or other emergencies, moving injured or immobilized individuals can be a challenge. Emergencies can happen anywhere. Slyde Evacuation Sled goes where you need it, when you need it for priceless peace of mind. For many businesses and locations, it’s an essential and economical measure to be fully prepared should the worst ever occur. Large crowds can turn into chaos in an emergency. An organized exit strategy that includes the Slyde Evacuation Sled improves the odds of getting everyone to safety.

Public Safety and PPE

Contractor Response

Do you have an emergency response situation? APSS carries a full line of Spill Contractor Supplies to outfit a labor force from head to toe.

Spill Kits

 Just as all sorbents, Spill Kits come in Oil Only, General Purpose and HazMat models. 

Stormwater Management Products
Stormwater management and erosion control products help keep pollutants out of the stormwater system. Products include: Drain Guards, Curb Guards, Drain Seals and more!

Granular Absorbents and Neutralizers
APSS carries a variety of Granular Absorbent Products. Whatever type of liquid you are looking to absorb, APSS has the correct granular product for each and every application.

Secondary Containment
APSS carries a full line of Secondary Containment for drums, totes, tanks and trucks. From Spill Pallets to Berms, APSS carries the right Secondary Containment product for safety and compliance.

Overpacks and Drums
APSS Overpacks and Drums allow for safe and secure shipments of hazardous materials. They’re built stronger and seal tighter for added strength, security and convenience.

Spill Containment Products

Sorbent Technologies

Choose from Oil Only, General Purpose or HazMat polypropylene sorbents. Two new 60″ Biax machines with dual drum capability allow us to produce the fines sorbent materials in the marketplace. To our customers, this guarantees the highest quality of material, on time, every time. 

Decon Showers

Portable decontamination showers and portable decon shower systems is designed for flexibility, giving HazMat responders the ability to scale efforts to the appropriate level for clean up operations.

Safety Cans & Cabinets
APSS full line of Safety Cans and Cabinets has set the industry standard for the storage of flammables and other liquids. Our Safety Can and Cabinet line is designed and manufactured to best meet the needs of business, industrial and lab environments.

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